This deck was first published as "Moyen Age" by the Nederlandsche Speelkaarten Fabriek (NSF) in 1911 and later by SN also as "Petit Trianon. After the take-over SN has appointed numbers to their decks and Moyen Age got number 633, while Petit Trianon got 744. According to a pricelist from 1913 the Moyen Age deck was published in a box and Petit Trianon in a wrapper.
Although the deck was titled "Moyen Age", neither courts nor aces have anything to do with the Middle Ages. The deck has a Berlin pattern on the courts and these are dressed in Biedermeier style. The used pattern shows great resemblance to that used by Schneider & Co. The deck was obviously published as a luxury edition, judging by the quality of the chromolithographic printing and eye for detail and use of colour. The suit signs of spades, hearts and even clubs have a special design. The cards have golden corners and the box is a solid two-piece sliding box.


Another distinguishing feature for the Nederlandsche Speelkaarten Fabriek (NSF) is the black indicator
in the red suits. This is found on all NSF decks, so this deck was probably old stock that SN was selling.

Apparently the deck was meant for export to France. The courts have French indices and
the set of aces shows scenes from ancient -but much later than the Middle Ages- Paris, the Petit Trianon and Fontainebleau.


The deck consists of 52 cards and was never published with a joker.