This first deck kept very close to the original (German) Swiss pattern,
in which the symbols for the suits are Bells, Acorns, Flowers and Shields.
A characterizing feature for this Swiss pattern are the 5 smoking Obers or Unders.
To show how close the designs are when compared with a vintage deck by Müller,
we have added al the court cards from that deck here too.
These cards have about the same size, but we show them here at 80%.
The first image is of 2 cards from the single imaged German Swiss pattern by Müller.


The ace of Bells and Shields are usually used to mention the manufacturer.



In general one could say that the main changes are in the dresses
 with minimal ones in the crowns, decorations and suit symbols.


The smoking Obers and Unders even use the same type of pipe and hold them in the same way.


In the Shields suit the images in the shields may differ per manufacturer, so certainly an artist is free
to fill them with his own small designs. And Benedikt used that freedom to create his own designs within
the shield shape on the courts, but also on the pip cards. The heraldic look was replaced by a more playful one.



The 10's.....