Benedikt Notter is a Swiss artist who was born in Lucerne in 1976. He still works and lives there. He graduated in Graphic Design at the Schule für Gestaltung in Lucerne in 1999. From 2000 to 2007 he was working in the Creadom working group and since 2007 he has his studio in a community of workshops. His graphic work can be described as surrealistic. Benedikt works in projects and designing a deck of playing cards was just one of them.
Jass is a very popular game in Switzerland and almost everybody knows how to play it. Benedikt was no exception and he grew up with this game and the cards that are used for it. The Swiss pattern originally had single image courts, but in the 20th century a double imaged version was introduced and that is still in use. He's not the first artist who has published a redesigned Swiss pattern, but in 2013 Benedikt Notter published a deck of cards, called "Neue Jasskarten". They were printed in Switzerland by Digiprint. The designs of the courts of this "New Jass Cards" deck are still pretty close to the Swiss pattern. The first edition of 2000 decks was soon sold out and in 2014/15 a second edition of 1800 decks was published. The second edition is easily recognized, because they are printed on white card and have a different back design. The first edition had a soft brown background, like the cards here below. We received his first deck (2nd ed.) from Benedikt as a gift and if you're interested to see it........ click HERE.

Maybe it was because his first deck was received so well that Benedikt decided to produce a more personal interpretation of the pattern. According to Benedikt it was printed by Mein Spiel from Hamburg, Germany, and published as "Verspielte Jasskarten" in an edition of 4000 decks in 2015. The deck is a good example of the surrealism that characterizes his other graphic work too. "Verspielt" can be translated here as playful and it is indeed a creative and imaginative version, with only few references to the original Swiss pattern. 


There's not much else to tell you about this deck, so......... ENJOY!



And of course we thank Benedikt for signing the ace of Bells for us.