Jody Lynn Bergsma is an artist who was born in Bellingham in the state of Washington in the Northwestern part of the US.  She has been drawing ever since her childhood, as her mother had told her that by painting the nightmares that Jody had they wouldn't scare her anymore. It developed her imagination in creativity at an early age.

At the age of 15 she started selling her watercolors at art shows. Although she studied engineering for a while, she dropped out just before graduation to become what she really wanted to be: an artist that could live from her work. Her engineering study involved geometry which she later recognized as a symbolic language that had roots in older cultures around the world. 

This geometric symbolism had touched her deeply and was incorporated in her art in a spiritual way that was inspired by nature. Her childhood trips into the pristine nature of San Juan and later trips to Alaska or the Rocky Mountains, the animals she has encountered on her path have made her feel a sense of divinity in nature.
The intermixing of all these elements is reflected in her work and brought in her detailed style and soft-colored tones her work is appealing to a broad audience.


Jody likes to be in contact with the people that visit her gallery or meet her at one of her signing sessions

So it was not a surprise that this artist was immediately willing to sign our Ace of Spades. We have asked this question whenever we came into contact with artists about a deck with their artwork and until now we've always had a positive response. It's still a small, but steadily growing and also highly appreciated collection by itself.



The suitcolors represent the four elements, but also the human condition:
Hearts - fire / spirit
Diamonds - water / emotion
Spades - earth / body
Clubs - air / mind

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