DAM square


The Dam square, or simply the Dam, derives its name from its original function, a dam in the river Amstel. It was constructed around 1270 to connect the settlements on both sides of the river Amstel and gave its name to the town: Amstel-dam, later corrupted into Amsterdam.

Until 1956 the eastern part of the present Dam square had another name. The Vijgendam, here depicted on the ace of Clubs from a Piatnik deck from the 1930s.

In 1956 our National Monument to commemorate the victims of World War II was erected on this square. Here shown at the left on this Ace of Clubs, made by Rijnen Reclame from 2002.

 Since then the name Vijgendam disappeared and this square became part of the Dam square, with the Royal Palace at the western side. A visit? CLICK HERE