The Beurs or -as it was originally called- the Koopmansbeurs (Mercantile Exchange) was constructed between 1886 and 1903. The building was designed by the famous Dutch architect, H.P. Berlage.
To build the Beurs a stretch of the water of the Damrak -"rak" is a old-fashioned Dutch word for a stretch of water- had to be filled up with earth.
On scenic aces the building is always depicted, looking back in the direction of the Central Station.

Ace of Spades by F. Piatnik, Austria, late 1930's.

Ace of Diamonds, F. Piatnik, Austria, around 1930.

Two Aces of Hearts by Van Genechten. The coloured version is from a deck from the 1930's and the b/w version comes from a deck from the 1950's.

 Because the view is directed a little further to the East the tower of the Old Church is visible on the Van Genechten aces only.

Mesmaekers, Belgium, around 1930.

Játékkátyagyar és Nyomda, Hungary, 1963

Mesmaekers, Belgium, late 1940's.

Because on the last two Belgian aces the view is more centered on the square in front of the Beurs, the Beursplein, in the right corner one can just see a part of the following building....



Ace of Spades, Mesmaekers, Belgium, in a piquet (32 cards) version as Nr. 1403B, 1930’s.

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