the  JOKERS of the



the company jokers


From ca 1932 the rolls were turned with the next joker. A jester plays with a monkey instead of the other way around.

        company joker IV.

An earlier version has four stars in the corners and no borderline.

  Company joker V.


The joker that comes with the Neerlandia decks (sometimes together with a monkey joker).

The one on the left is a rare mirrored version of the company joker V. It comes with the Neerlandia "B" deck (SN19). With the Neerlandia "C" decks sometimes this joker appears without text.

company joker VI & VII

(late 1950's)


company jokers VII and VIII.


These last 2 company jokers are used since ca 1959

They both come in one deck

standard company jokers -1- JOKER XPO'S
special company jokers special advertising jokers