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The goal of this exhibition is to give an insight in the history of this Dutch playing card manufacturer and hopefully enough information to recognize, date and name the different types of playing cards, made by the "Speelkaartenfabriek Nederland". It has become an extensive exhibition, with over 200 pages and more than 1000 pictures.

detail of a poster stamp....logo used by NSF and SN

To accomplish all of this we were greatly supported by other Dutch collectors, who were kind enough to lend decks and other material to scan for the exhibition. We would like to thank BOB HALEBER, MARCEL METZ, ARNO SINSELMEYER , LEX RIJNEN, ED SCHUILING and PIET v.d. VLUGT for their input and cooperation.

The information about the history of the company and the different decks has been obtained from the only standard work about this company, written in 1986 by four Dutch collectors, Nico van Berkel, Bob Haleber, Lex Rijnen and Arno Sinselmeyer. They named it "Van NSF tot SN" . It was the first attempt to get a full oversight of all the playing card decks and other card games that were made by this Dutch manufacturer. Later additions only perfected that picture: new variations were found, other games appeared to exist.  

In this exhibition not only the SN playing cards are shown, but all the quartets and other card games, that were manufactured by SN, too. The exhibition also contains more than 1000 standard factory and advertising back designs.

Should you find any material or decks, that you now recognize as a product of this manufacturer, please contact us. We appreciate any extra information it may give in terms of variations of known decks or..............?




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