July 2022



Again a busy month! I had a hard time keeping up with the wish lists that some collectors have send me, while maintaining my social life and working on the renewed War on Cards xpo.
It meant going through most of the albums a lot of times and doing so certain decks keep catching your attention. Most of those already had found a place here or elsewhere on this site. But this deck hadn't and it was the set of scenic aces that tipped the scale.

They had good detail and were nicely done in soft colors. 

The deck was printed in lithography and stencil coloured by Antoine van Genechten from Turnhout, Belgium, and dated by a seller as c1875. However, a deck with similar courts, but with a set of Italian aces, was dated by Autenboer & Cremers from the Turnhout museum as c1890. The museum only had the 16 courts and aces of a deck, so it will remain unknown how many cards were in a complete deck: 32, 40 or 52?
The pattern on the courts is known as Bongout. These cards usually have a double outline around the design, with a small decoration in each corner. This deck came with a not often seen set of German scenic aces. It was used to play hombre, so the deck consists of 40 cards in total,
with pip cards from 2 - 7 in each suit.



The aces show views on German cities, castles and ruins.



The deck consists of 40 cards only, the cards have a generic back design.