There are 4 different types of pip cards in this Flemish deck. They are with only slogans on the sides (10's) or with only texts between the pips (9's, 5's and 4's) or with both (8's and 7's) or neither, so no texts anywhere, just pips and numbers (6's, 3's and 2's).
When comparing them with the pip cards from the French version, there are some remarkable differences. There the 2's, 3's, 4's and 6's of Hearts, Clubs and Diamonds don't have texts anywhere. In the spades suit there's no text on the 2, 3, 4, and 5. Instead of the expected 5 the 6 of spades has a text (mistake at the printer?). On the 10's there's only text on the sides, on the 9's there's only text in the middle, on the 8's and 7's there's both again. On the 6 of spades and the 5's of the other suits there's only text in the middle.

Three of the 7's are dedicated to the independence of Poland, the 7 of diamonds to the return of the Alsace and Lathering to France.

On the 4's the same intro is used, mentioning the war booty from July 15 to November 4 (1918): 376.000 pow's, 6.415 canons and 41.200 machine guns.
The texts below are all different.