November 2009


This month's deck comes from the largest collectors fair in the Netherlands. Although we have found a few interesting decks at the monthly flea market too, the main event for finding decks still is the collectors fair at the Jaarbeurs, also in Utrecht. And we did find quite a few decks there, but most of them we took along because -although we have already them- they were not expensive. Once again we found that the more decks you have, the less chance there is to find something new. Still we did manage to find some new decks for our collection this month, but the choice was limited to five and therefore this month's choice was easy again.

It's an early Wst deck with Swiss costumes on the courts and Swiss scenes on the aces. It looks like the designs were etched in b/w and then stencil-colored. The deck probably dates from around 1860. The deck has shiny gold edges and, although it wasn't a bargain, the overall condition of the deck was so excellent, that we couldn't resist taking it along.

And.......we're happy to share this quality deck here with you.

The deck consists of 52 cards.