May 2009


The only flea market this month didn't bring any interesting decks and there were no collectors meetings, so we had to get our new decks elsewhere. Of course Ebay is always a good place to look and, as our sales did well this month, we could afford to spend some money there too. Off Ebay we found a deck that Sandy had shown us during our stay with her in Italy. It's a humorous erotic deck drawn by Jacovitti and it could have been shown here, if we hadn't decided to show it in our Pin-up & Erotica xpo. 

But although our deck comes from an auction, this time it was not Ebay. Being a member of the 52+Joker club has its advantages. This club of American playing card collectors has regular auctions, at least twice a year. For these auctions members can enter decks and other members can bid on them. While you will have to wade through a lot of standard decks or swap cards on Ebay to find the gems, the auction of the 52+ club always has a good number of decks on offer and almost each of them is a collectible.

This time we managed to win two decks and one of them is the deck here below. It's a deck by Siegfried Heilmeier, a German artist who has produced decks in limited editions since the early 1980's.  Although we already have a few of his decks, we can't tell you much about the artist. Even googling doesn't bring any relevant information about him. But we like his clear-line style in design and appreciate the work he has put into his decks and boxes, the fine hand and stencil coloring. The deck that we acquired was made in 1983 and is titled "Karikatur". We hope you'll enjoy the images here below just as much as we do.

illustration from back of title card



On the aces the suit signs are embellished, but on the pips regular suit signs are used.


The deck consists of 32 cards, 2 jokers and a numbered title card. The backs are blank and the cards have square corners.