October 2007



This month we spent 3 weeks in China and we came home with a few Chinese decks. So one would have expected a Chinese deck here. However, there are still 4 packages with numerous decks in the mail and on their way to us. So that made a fair choice difficult. We could have shown one of the 4 antique decks that we found in Hong Kong in an antique shop, but these have the standard Anglo-American pattern with standard aces and we like to show somewhat special decks here.

Fortunately help came from the Spanish collectors club Asescoin. On the last day of October the mailman brought us a package with La Sota, the Asescoin club magazine, and....... their annual deck!  The artwork is excellent, so it was quickly decided that this would be our Deck of the Month.



The deck was published by Asescoin in a limited and numbered edition of 1000 copies in October 2007. It was conceived and illustrated by Celedonio Perellón. The layout and overall design was done by Alberto Pérez.
The deck consists of 47 cards. Just like regular Spanish decks there are 40 playing cards and 2 jokers. Here   4 explicative cards and a title card were added.
The texts were coordinated and written by Enrique García Martín and Gonzaga Gil-Delgado.
The deck was printed by Maestros Naiperos Españoles from Valencia.

The courts and 4's show the famous love-couples, the Aces general love scenes. 

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