(India and the Far East)



THE DRAGON - The Eastern dragons are more benign than those of Europe. Although their wrath is to be feared, they are revered throughout Asia as the regulators of the forces of nature.

THE TENGU - These bird-men inhabit the forests of Japan. Sometimes they bestow gifts on humans, but more often they play tricks on them.

THE MAKARA - This denizen of the Far Eastern seas was a huge monster: part fish, part crocodile and part elephant - and quite hazardous to passing ships.



THE KI-LIN - This shy, gentle animal is the Oriental equivalent of the Western Unicorn. Semi-divine, he is much revered throughout China as a benefactor of mankind.

THE MANTICORA - A ferocious beast with a lion's body, a man's head, and three rows of teeth, who preyed on travelers in remote parts of India.

THE SEA-BONZE - The terror of the China seas, these monsters have been known to seize large vessels and capsize them, often drowning an entire crew.



THE ONI - These demons of Japanese legend appear in many monstrous shapes. This Oni, part deer, part cat, and part man, is indeed fearsome.

THE KINNARA - Unlike the hideous Harpies, the bird-woman Kinnaras  of Indian mythology are lovely creatures with voices of unearthly beauty. They are the appointed musicians of the gods.

THE FOX-GOBLIN - These nine-tailed golden haired foxes of ancient China were supernatural beings, and masters of great magical powers.