WAAG (weighing house)


In 1488 The Waag, Dutch for weighing house, was originally build as an entrance gate, the St. Anthony gate. By the end of the 16th century the city wall was torn down, as the city expanded, and the Nieuwmarkt, New Market, was created around the gate. Inside the gate the scales for the market were placed. Until around 1795 the upper floors housed guilds. After that the building has served several purposes. It even housed a fire brigade for a while.


Ace of Spades by Heron, France, 1950's

         Játékkátyagyar és Nyomda, Hungary, 1963


La Turnhoutoise, Belgium, late `920's

Mesmaekers, Belgium, ca. 1930.

Mesmaekers, Belgium,  1940's.