(weepers tower)


These aces by Mesmaekers are from the 1930's and 40's, but still reflect the present view, with the Central Station in the background.

Built at the end of the 15th century as the first defense tower of Amsterdam, the original name was Schreyhoeks tower, referring (in "old" Dutch) to the sharp angle where it was located. This name was later corrupted into Schreierstoren, Weepers Tower in English. This name helped to create the myth that on this tower women shed their tears for husbands or sons when they left from this spot for an uncertain trip into far away territories.

These two aces show the tower as seen from the waterfront. They were made by Frommann & Morian from the German town Darmstadt. The set in colour comes with a fantasy pattern and the set in unitone comes with a Frankfurt pattern. Both decks are dated around 1890.
But the designs that were used here are definitely somewhat older, as the Central Station isn't depicted yet. It should be in the middle on the right, but there are only some piles of sand and the outlines of an island to be seen there. It dates the scene as around 1882.