The Mint Tower was originally part of the Regulierspoort, one of Amsterdamís main gates in the medieval city wall. The gate was build between 1480 and 1487 and had two towers and a guard house. Only the guard house survived a fire in 1618. One of the towers was rebuild in 1620 in Renaissance style. The guard house was taken down and rebuild in neo-renaissance style in 1887.

The Mint Tower owes its name to the temporary use as a mint to make coins in 1672.

Ace of Hearts, Speelkaartenfabriek Nederland, Netherlands, 1920's.

 Same maker, 1932


Ace of Diamonds by Rijnen Reclame, Netherlands, 2002.

The Bloemenmarkt (Flower market) is situated on the Singel and from the market you get the view on the Mint tower, as shown on the Dutch aces above.
On the ace of Spades we have passed the Mint square and look back at the tower.

Ace of Spades by F. Piatnik, Austria, 1970's.


On these scenic aces by Frommannn & Morian from around 1885 we have also passed the tower and look back at it from a stretch of the Amstel river, that is called Binnen Amstel (Inner Amstel).