The Leidseplein is a square in central Amsterdam. Lying in the southwest of the central (canal) district of Amsterdam, the Leidseplein is situated on the crossroads of the Weteringschans, the Marnixstraat, and the Leidsestraat. The Leidsestraat was originally named for being the road to Leiden. Several other streets in the vicinity of the square also refer back to the city of Leiden, but this is more because these streets cross the area. Such as the Lange (Long) and the Korte (Short) Leidsedwarsstraat (Leiden Side Street) .

Nowadays the Leidseplein is one of the busiest centers for nightlife in the city. The square and the surrounding streets are full of bars, restaurants, outdoor cafes, theaters, dance clubs and the like. Street performers are often found on the square. On this ace is the view from the Leidsestraat, with the Municipal Theatre on the right.


Ace of Diamonds, F. Piatnik, Austria, around 1930.