The Central Station was build between 1881 and 1889. It is constructed on 3 islands of sand that were artificially made and are supported by almost 9000 wooden piles. The Central Station was designed by P.J.H. Cuypers, a famous Dutch architect who also designed the Rijksmuseum. In fact these buildings show a resemblance, both have two towers, as the architect designed them as modern city gates: the Central Station to the North and the Rijksmuseum to the South. On all aces the station is depicted in a view from the west, except for these aces here.

Ace of Hearts, Speelkaartenfabriek Nederland, special edition of the Fortuna deck for the SMN shipping line, ca 1920.

Ace of Clubs, Flemming&Wiskot, Germany, 1930's.


Ace of Spades, Van Genechten, Belgium, in the 1950’s.

Ace of Spades, Van Genechten, Belgium, in the 1930’s.

  Ace of Diamonds, Mesmaekers, Belgium, 1930's.


Játékkátyagyar és Nyomda, Hungary, 1963


 Ace of Clubs, Belgium, early 1960's.

Ace of Diamonds, unknown, Netherlands, ca. 1920.

Ace of Hearts, Rijnen Reclame, Netherlands, 2002.