These jokers do not show a jester, clown or any other kind of object, just a non-figurative design. We'll start with some black&whites.......

Both from the USA, 1930's or 40's.

3 from decks by published for Singapore Airlines, 1990's.

The more basic the design is the more important is the use of colours. An artist grows up with colours, so it's not a surprise that most of the jokers here below come from decks that were designed by artists.

On the sides 2 jokers from a deck for Pierre Cardin, designed by Jean Garçon, 1970.

Designed by Arthur Aeschbacher for "Double L" in 1976.

On the sides 2 jokers from a deck that was designed by Sugaï in 1973.

In the middle: Sonya Delaunay, 1980's
On the sides 2 jokers from the Grand Prix Grimaud 1974 deck by Tuan.

Middle: Jean Garçon, printed by Grimaud for Knoll International, 1968.

In the middle: Grimaud Grand Prix deck 1975/76, designed by Gérard His.
On the sides the 2 jokers from a deck by Jean Verâme.

Left: joker from deck by Spanish artist Leku.             Right: by Mijoke.

USA, 1930's.


last update 1/12/2005