In Spanish speaking countries you can find decks that have regular "jokers", but there are also decks in which the name of the joker has been changed to "comodín". Note the accent that has been placed on the i. The pronounciation in English would sound like "comodeen". Over the years we have gathered a number of decks that came with these comodíns, but lately we have been in contact with Argentinian collectors and dealers, so this number has grown enough to dedicate an xpo to them.

Our first Comodín is here above. Because the head of Juan Antonio Samaranch -at that time the president of the I.O.C.- is dressed in a joker hat and the name Comodín is in an ornamented frame, we suspected this to be the name of a product or company. But then we found the following two.

This "joker" was made in Barcelona, Spain. In another deck by the same manufacturer we saw the same figure, but now with the name "comodín".
It became clear: the Spanish word for joker is comodín!

And then there were more............







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 last update: 1/06/2006