Before starting we'll have to define what jokers qualify for this xpo. Of course we have to bare in mind that we deal with jokers from different parts of the world and that in other countries the concept of a clown may differ from ours.

Some of the main features of a clown are:
- a round red nose.
- painted, bigger lips.
- a funny hat, but not a jester or joker hat with several flaps.
- an XXL size shoe.
a pleated collar (older ones), a bow-tie or funny tie.

We have taken all clown jokers that have at least 3 of these 5 characteristics.


We'll start with some older ones................





All the above jokers come from the US, except for the middle one, which is from Canada. They are all from the first half of the 20th century. Most of the clowns here are depicted in a single suit, either with dots or playing card symbols. All have a rigid pointed hat, with or without one or more pompoms. Here below three older ones from Europe, on which we find the same features.

Above an Italian joker by Viassone (ca. 1930), one by Latman from Germany (ca. 1920) and one from Austria (ca 1925). On the right is a joker by Casino from Prague, 1950's.


Below three from Germany, ca. 2000.


An Indian one and one from Italy.



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