Usually we only present jokers from our own collection here, but when we received the latest auction guide of the 52+ Joker club of American playing card collectors, we saw so many great jokers, that we decided to borrow some of those for a separate joker xpo here. Of course the club doesn't offer single jokers to their members, but all these wonderful jokers complete some of the decks, that are offered in the auction. And the information, given with the decks, is always quite accurate, as there's a lot of expertise among the club members who judge the decks before they go into the auction.

The 52+ Joker club has a long tradition of auctions for their members. The decks are brought in by members and once or twice a year an auction will be held. The decks appear in the club's journal, which is called "Clear the Decks", and can be seen online at the club's website: http://www.52plusjoker.org
So if you are not only interested in jokers, but also in complete decks and their history, I would invite you to join this club. We are members too and enjoy the 4 journals that are published each year and of course these online auctions. Although our collection has grown quite big over the years, we still manage to find a couple of interesting new decks for it in each of these auctions.
So we hope to see some of you as new members of the club, but if not, you're still welcome to enjoy these wonderful examples of antique American jokers.......


Samuel Hart & Co, c1868 USPC, c1896 USPC, c1889 Standard Playing Card Co, c1910


Perfection, c1887 Standard Playing Card Co, c1895 USPC, 1896 Dougherty, c1895


New York Card Co, 1918 Samuel Hart, c1880 Globe Playing Card Co, c1885 Haynes Photo Studios, c1906


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