We are Miriam van Houten and Joop Muller (a.k.a. jopo), the people who operate this website. We have been together for more than 30 years now and since 1985 we are living in Zaandijk, a small town in the western part of the Netherlands. In 1996 we started to seriously collect playing cards and since 1998 we have maintained a website about this hobby. In 2004 we have continued that website under our own domain name, dxpo-playingcards.com, and with more Mb's available than ever before. Since then our site has just grown bigger and bigger. Each month there's an update with new additions and/or expositions (xpo's), but the number depends on our available spare time.

On our site you'll also find special sections about jokers and playing card ephemera. And there's a sales section, where we offer duplicate decks and jokers for sale. With the revenues we sustain our hobby for the greater part. We are not rich, so we try to make our hobby as self-supporting as possible. That includes not only the new decks that we buy, but also the costs of our website, club contributions, the conventions, fairs and collectors meetings that we attend. For that reason we also sell duplicate decks on Ebay.

However, the main purpose of this site is to show the visitors a large variety of decks from our collection, often related to certain topics, and to hopefully pass on our passion for these small printed pieces of card to other people too. By sharing our knowledge about playing cards, we hope that more people will be interested in sharing this hobby in the future. 


MIRIAM & JOOP