We don't even remember which one was the first, but whenever we found a pin with a playing card design, we couldn't resist taking it along. Over the years this sub-collection has grown to more than 100 different ones and has earned its own spot in our home. Most of them come from French flea markets, some from Ebay, but hardly any were found here in Holland. Here collecting pins was a popular hobby in the early 1960's. There are no doubt still some collectors of pins, but it has never been as popular again. In France however, the pin was re-discovered in the 1980's as a popular collectible.
They usually come as single pieces, but some series have been published too. It was fun completing some of these series by finding a single pin each time.

Here's the board that we pin them on, but here below we'll give you a better look at a number of them...........


A French set with revolutionary symbols, like the casket and the guillotine, published in 1989 for the French Bicentennial.

A series of French advertising pins

The French TAPIS VERT series of 4 + one special "golden" pin.

3 ominous Aces of Spades

3 pins from the American Alice in Wonderland series.

A "cool" Las Vegas KING

and a series of 4 HARD ROCK HOTEL QUEENS + JOKER

which brings us to.........



We'll start with some factory jokers......

Above: the Italian Modiano joker. Left: the Carta Mundi joker. Right: a Fournier joker and a French one.

Sometimes they come as a hand....

 with or within a card!

or to advertise........



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