The word comes from the Greek "ephemeron" and the plural means "anything short-lived". Originally it referred to insects, but nowadays anything shortly fashionable seems to be called ephemeral too.

Here you'll find some examples from our collection of playing card paraphernalia: things, enriched with playing cards designs, or otherwise linked to playing cards.

When you've been searching for playing cards on antique fairs or flea-markets for years, the eyes get well trained to pick out rectangular shapes of a certain size or spot suitcolours among all the other displayed things. So sometimes your eyes will be caught by an object, that's playing card related. Usually you tell yourself that you're only collecting playing cards and already got stuck with lots of wooden boxes, that came with the special decks that they held and that you wanted, but there are objects that have a practical use or a historical value or are just too pretty to discard.
And before you realize's a collection by itself. We have made a few categories to show some examples of this sub-collection.