POR-01: "Batalha", printed by a small private printer. Designed by Artlandia, 1990's. 52 cards + 2j in excellent+ condition. Comes in the original box, which is in very good condition.
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POR-03: Alice in Wonderland, with a repeating series of 3 designs on the courts. Published as an advertising deck for Expresso, with a nice Alice on the backs, around 2010. Consists of 52 cards, 2 similar jokers and an extra joker. Comes in the original box, which is in good condition.


POR-08: "No. 30 Cartas para Paciencia", printed in chromolithography and published by J.J. Nunes in the 1920's. Created after Dondorf's Patience Nr 27 "Cartes pour Dames". Complete with 52 cards, in very good- condition. Comes in the remains of the original box (lacks top and bottom).
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