The French Playing Card Museum in Issy-les-Moulinaux, a suburb of Paris (also see: "Events").
The German Playing Card Museum in Leinfelden-Echterdingen, close to Frankfurt.
The Belgian National Playing Card Museum in Turnhout.
A Spanish Playing Card Museum in Oropesa del Mar, about 80 km from Valencia.
The Jean Dieudonné Playing Cards Museum in the Kulturhuef in Grevenmacher, Luxembourg.
The virtual Speelkaartenmuseum about Dutch playing cards.
The Cuban Museo de Naipes in Havana.
The Bibliothèque nationale de France. Enter "JeuCart" to search or refine by adding keywords in French, e.g. "JeuCart+allemand" for German playing cards.


IPCS, International Playing Card Society.
52+Joker, American  collectors club of old playing cards.
L'Accart, the French playing card collectors society.
EPCS, English Playing Card Society.
Asescoin, Facebook page of the Spanish club of playing card collectors.
7Bello, the Italian collectors website.
Asacon, the Argentine club of playing card collectors.
Talon, the Austrian Hungarian club of playing card collectors.
Bube - Dame - König, the German club of playing card collectors.
Melbourne Playing Cards Collectors Inc. (MPCC), the Australian club of playing card collectors.


Peter Endebrock's site with extensive info on taxstamps from all over the world.
Alexander Sukhorukov's World Wide Web Playing Card Museum.
Paul Bostock is a long time collector and his interest goes from old English packs to modern non-standard decks.
A Dutch SN jokers collector's site, with different collectible backs too and links to other joker collectors.
Alta Carta, a Swiss founded trading site, supported by different collectors.
White Knuckle Playing Cards, an Australian site with info about early US manufacturers, games and more.
My Dear Playing Cards, a Spanish website by Manuel Gámez, with a large collection of modern decks.
Klaus-Jürgen Schultz's website with a small but very interesting display of antique German decks from his collection.
A Gallery of Standard English Playing Cards by Paul Bostock and Ken Lodge, playing card historians and collectors.
"Kartenhaus", a site with a virtual playing card museum, maintained by a Swiss collector Ernst Alder.
Gejus van Diggele is a Dutch collector of secondary used playing cards and games related to WWII. He gives lectures and has traveling exhibitions about these topics.
PubbliCartoMania, a site where Italian collector Toni Di Rossi shows his collection.
Kevan "The Congress Guy" Seaney's site with a complete oversight of the USPCC's Congress brand playing cards.


HEARTS, a Dutch playing cards manufacturer.
PIATNIK from Vienna, Austria.
FRANCE-CARTES (now CARTAMUNDI FRANCE), a leading French manufacturer.
CARTAMUNDI, the world's largest manufacturer.
CIVERTAN, a manufacturer from Hungary.
The WORSHIPFUL COMPANY of Makers of Playing Cards


The COLLECTORS WEEKLY, a US website for every kind of collector  and......... with a playing cards section!
"COLLECTOR" a blog showing different decks of playing cards.
Ken Lodge's blog, mainly about the Engish and American pattern, but with non-standard decks too.